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Dal Forno Romano Amarone della Valpolicella 2017

Dal Forno Romano is a producer of aromatic, spicy, opulent Amarone in Valpolicella, and is widely regarded as being one of the greatest estates in the Veneto.


"A tour de force, despite the sheer morass of palate-staining fruit. The malty oak is evident, yet operates as a welcome adjunct to corral and compress the swashbuckle of coffee grinds, beef bouillon, mint, leather varnish and saturated dark cherry liqueur, into a sheath of tension as much as sheer power. Grapes are dried for 70-80 days. This may seem obvious initially, but as one works it out in the glass and across the inner gums, the multitudinous layers become evident. A wine that shape-shifts and beguiles, as much it wrestles with the senses. Excellent." - 98pts, James Suckling

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